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Advertiser / Doubler


Jean-François, a familiar voice in commercials, is known for his refreshing, dynamic voice. His speed and efficiency in the studio make him a pleasant collaborator. Since 2005, he has lent his voice to a number of major brands. His young adult voice is dynamic, and his French diction is impeccable. On request, Jean-François can make his voice deeper. He's also an excellent improviser and adept at playing characters. Jean-François works from his professional studio in Montreal. As a sound mixer, he also offers a turnkey product.



  • Union: UDA member

  • Vocal age: 35

  • Languages and accents : French Quebecois

  • Industry : Advertising - Film trailers - Corporate message - Narration - Video games


  • Connectivity: Source Connect Now - Clean Feed.

  • Studio: Soundproof booth

  • Microphone: NEUMANN TLM 103 - NT USB RODE

  • Software: Audition-Adobe

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